Rackley Swimming Burleigh – closed

Today marks a devastating and historic blow to not just the Rackley swim family, but the community, and the safety of the local youth when in and around water.

Despite agreeing to temporarily close our Rackley Swimming Burleigh doors last year - to make way for the upper level dining Pavilion redevelopment – we held out hope for continued discussions, regarding our reopening.

As of today, it has become evident, our 20-year-long community-enriching affiliation with this iconic local landmark in Burleigh Heads, has come to an abrupt end.

Across two decades, Rackley Swimming Burleigh has taught in excess of one million swimming lessons to around 250,000 families. Our commitment to introducing children to a skill for life, and helping them enjoy their swimming in a nurturing environment, has remained at the forefront of our teaching model.

Today we say thank you for the support to all of our families who have swum with us at Rackley Swimming Burleigh, and we appreciate your patience in this trying time.

Our commitment to water safety is paramount, and we trust any remaining Burleigh families looking to officially switch, will find a familiar fit in one of our neighbouring 23 sites.

Moving forward, we will endeavour to continue our open-communication approach with all associated authorities, and can only hope business decisions are adjusted to accommodate the wider community’s preference to include one of the coast’s iconic precincts in their plans.

Kindest regards,

Reece Rackley
CEO Rackley Swimming

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Sadly, we are currently closed.


Please call our team at Miami 07 5655 3383

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