Benefits of Swimming.

Discover the benefits of swimming lessons. 

Swimming lessons have many benefits for children. Not only do they equip kids with the skills they need to be safe and enjoy being in and near the water, but they have athletic and developmental benefits as well. 


Children discover a reinforced water safety focus, helping them to develop those lifesaving skills sooner.

Kids in early-years swimming programs demonstrate improved water familiarisation and orientation.

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Children who participate in early-years swimming on a regular basis tend to develop physical skills earlier than the average population.

Swimming lessons from an early age can help to improve hand-eye coordination.

Early Childhood Development

A recent study by Griffith University showed early years swimming has multiple benefits for early childhood development.

Kids who participate in early-years swimming achieve personal milestones much earlier than the average population, regardless of social background or gender.

Early-years swimming has been proven to help kids to develop essential academic, social and personal skills.

Swimming lessons create a positive learning environment, leading to increased confidence.

Early-years swimming is linked to more advanced cognitive and linguistic skills.

The academic, social and personal skills gained during early-years swimming is beneficial as they transition into preschool and school.

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