Miami Masters: A Vision Realised.

12 Aug 2015

The History of Miami Masters.

It was August 1986. Six swimming enthusiasts gathered at the Miami pool for a friendly catch up and the discussion turned to the possibility of forming a masters swimming club on the Gold Coast. Excited by the idea, Rhonda Anderson and John Bonning called a meeting, where triathletes, runners, club representatives were joined by Masters Swimming leaders and Miami Masters was born on 18 October 1986. 

Back then, and today, the club was open to members of all ages over 20, and all abilities. Over the following years Miami Masters’ success grew, establishing and breaking new records and making its name as a top club. By early 1988 membership had reached 120 - the largest masters club in Queensland. This is a position Miami Masters still proudly holds today.

The club set a goal to compete in the Brazil World Masters in 1990. After fundraising by tree planting, marshalling triathlons and marathons, holding a fete and apres ski party, they raised enough money to send a team to Rio. This set the stage for success throughout the 90s. Amongst a full calendar of training and competition, the club was also represented at many more World Masters swims. 

The World Masters swims were excellent, of course, but we can’t forget the annual June trip to Tamworth. A weekend of a little swimming, lots of sambucca swimming, and dancing til dawn.


The 90s also marked the start of the Miami Masters charity events, something we still continue today. The most noteworthy is the 24 hour swim marathon, which in June 2007 raised almost $18,000 for the Cancer Council.

Today, the club comprises 100 swimmers, with an average age of 60. Miami Masters remains a club of people with diverse backgrounds - some swim for fitness or cross training, and some compete in races.  

The spirit of warm camaraderie founded in 1986 is still alive and well. We’ve made firm friendships, experienced happy times and sad times, and have always been there for each other. We still enjoy a good party and weekends away, though with a little less exuberance than our predecessors.

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