The history of Burleigh Heads

01 Oct 2015

Rackley Swimming has a long and proud history. It all began in 1951, when the family managed the Burleigh Beach Baths pool at Burleigh Heads. Back then, the pool was outdoors, directly above the rocks at Burleigh point, similar to the famous Sydney Icebergs pool. 

Seeing the newly-renovated venue now, it’s hard to imagine what it would have been like in the 50s, but we’ve uncovered some photos. Presiding over the rocks in the open air, it looks truly incredible.

The Rackley family then took a break from swimming schools and the modern era of Rackley Swimming began in 1998. The family went back to where they started, Burleigh Beach Baths, and opened a single swim school.

Now, Rackley Swimming operate 15 swim schools across South East Queensland.

Take a trip down memory lane.


Burleigh Heads in the mid 60s.


Burleigh Heads Swimming Club Committee in the late 50s, Graham Rackley third on the right.


Graham Rackley second on the left and Trevor Rackley third on the left in the mid 60s.




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