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What age should my child start swimming lessons?

Age is no barrier when it comes to swimming lessons. The earlier your child is taught how to swim the safer and more confident they will be around water. At Rackley Swimming our programs are designed for children as young as 4 months old.

How long before my child can swim?

Every child is different and as a result will advance through our program at different times. However, it is proven that consistency can dramaticly quicken the process of learning to swim. Participating in a learn to swim program more then once a week will help your child form a bond with the water and the program itself.

Find out more about our program and the steps and skills that come along with learning to swim.

What Learn to Swim program should I enrol my child in?

At Rackley we understand that every child learns and develops their skills at different stages. To find out what level is most suitable for your child, book a Free 10 Minute Swim Safety Check!

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