Squad & Club Swimming.

Squad swimming is a great way for you child to develop lifelong skills, refine their technique and most importantly have fun in the water.

Once your child has completed the achiever levels at Rackley Swimming, they are then able to progress into the development squads. Our Swim Squads cater for all abilities and are available at most locations. Enquire at reception for more information.

Junior Squad is the stepping stone to competitive swimming. The primary focus is on learning competitive stroke and race techniques, with emphasis on stroke technique, teamwork, basic training etiquette and discipline.  

Bronze Squad builds upon the fundamental swimming skills, introducing more advanced drills and training techniques. Individual swimmers will be introduced to a variety of racing competitions as they continue to master the four competitive strokes and gain greater proficiency in turns, starts and finishes.

Silver Squad maintains an emphasis on stroke technique while incorporating more aerobic endurance, racing skills and dry land sessions. Our coaches encourage and teach the lifelong love and appreciation of swimming as we introduce the swimmers to more rigorous training, preparing them for competition at a state level.

Gold Squad is our national squad for swimmers who have qualified or are close to qualifying for nationals. Gold swimmers have personal ambitions to reach the highest level in swimming. This squad trains at high intensity, with a focus on three main areas of improvement: swimming technique, strength, and endurance.

Some of our centres also have Adult and Triathlon Squad. This level is for those who are looking to improve their swimming technique and fitness. It is suitable for a wide variety of people, from beginners through to advanced age group triathletes. 

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