Swimming Lessons for Adults

Swimming Lessons for Adults



If you're an older teenager or an adult looking to learn to swim, we have several options for swimming lessons available for you.

Introduction to Adult Swimming Lessons

If you are an adult who wants to learn to swim here at Rackley Swimming, we offer classes for all skill levels. Our adult swimming lessons are available at all our Rackley Swimming locations.

At most of our Rackley Swimming locations we can offer both private lessons and group swim lessons. Whether you have basic swim skills, want to learn how to float, practice basic swimming strokes, or to become a confident swimmer, we can help you. For our adult swimmers, we aim to schedule these lessons away from our busiest pool times. Tap on the button below to send an enquiry to your preferred swim program location and we'll be in touch with more information.

ADULT Squads

If you've got the basics, but you want to develop your technique for fitness, sport, or training purposes - you might be better suited to Adult Squad which is available at some of our locations. Please click here for more information.

What to Expect from Rackley Swimming

At Rackley Swimming school we offer a safer environment for you to learn to swim. From learning basic water safety skills to building your confidence, there's countless benefits when it comes to learning to swim. We want you to feel comfortable during your lessons as well as having fun, learning life skills, and making new friends.

In the Adult Learn to Swim program you can expect a qualified and friendly swimming instructor. Your swim teacher can help you grow your swimming abilities and improve your fitness.

You can attend adult swimming lessons year-round with Rackley, all our swimming pools are heated year round, so you can get in the swimming pool no matter the weather.

What Makes Us Different

At Rackley Swimming, we know that water safety is a vital skill to have. If you are an adult who has a fear of water or no swimming abilities, we can help you! You can even learn to swim with a private swim instructor to ensure you get the attention you need. We offer a wide range of private swim lessons and group programs, from Swimming lessons for babies to adult swimming lessons, we have something for every age and skill level. Our services cater to all levels of confidence for our students. If you have a child who wants to learn to swim, you can book a swimming lesson and the first lesson is free!

Find your nearest Rackley Swimming pool and book in your private lesson or group class today.

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How often are adult swimming lessons offered?

Session times and availability vary per location. To find out more about Adult Swimming Lessons near you, find your nearest Rackley location to register your interest or give us a call today. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

What do adult swimming lessons entail?

Our Adult Learn to Swim classes teach vital water safety skills, stroke techniques, and improve confidence in the water. Book in your first lesson today and learn to swim with the help of our friendly Rackley team.

How many adult swimming lessons are in a session?

The number of swimming lessons you will need will depend on your skill level. Whether you have a basic skill level or are looking to learn from scratch, we can help you learn to swim.

How long do adult swimming lessons typically last?

For most adults without physical limitations it will take between 20-25 hours of swimming lessons to learn to swim. However, for adults with a fear of the water, this process can be expected to take longer.

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