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Terms and Conditions

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QLD Government SwimStart $150 Voucher

SwimStart is a new voucher program from QLD government to support learn to swim activities for 0 to 4 year
When a round is open, parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their
child, which can be used towards swimming lessons with a registered SwimStart activity provider. To apply or check your eligibility click here. This will open a new window and redirect you to the Queensland government website. 

All Rackley swimming venues have been registered and are proudly accepting vouchers.
● SwimStart activity providers can not accept FairPlay vouchers. FairPlay activity providers can not
accept SwimStart vouchers.
● There is a limit of 1 voucher per child per financial year. The voucher number is unique & can
only be redeemed once.

Key Dates
7 Nov 23 SwimStart round 1 opens for voucher applications
1 May 24 Round 1 closes for voucher applications
29 May 24 Last day for round 1 vouchers to be presented to an activity provider
12 June 24 Last day for round 1 vouchers to be redeemed by an activity provider

Parent Information: Eligibility Criteria
●Must be a QLD Resident
●Child is 0-4yrs
●Not previously received a voucher in this financial year
●Holds a current Services Australia Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card
●Has a Medicare card with child's name on it

Parents: Steps to Redeem
●Vouchers can be used for your ongoing learn to swim enrolments. If the fees are more
than $150, customers will need to pay the difference
● Present or email the voucher to the SwimStart activity provider when you sign your child up for lessons. Or present your voucher at your next lesson if you are already enrolled in lessons with Rackley.
●The voucher must be used before the expiry date
● We invite new customers to take a free come and try with us first to help determine their level

Reciprocal Access to City Aquatic Venues

Rackley Swimming offers a unique benefit to students enrolled in two or more perpetual swimming lessons per week. These students are given free access to swim at any City Aquatic site. This sets Rackley Swimming apart from other learn-to-swim providers in the industry, we are able to share our growing portfolio of public venues with our customers.

The primary goal of this benefit is to encourage families to enroll in two or more lessons per week. Rackley Swimming recognizes that spending more time in the water with our trained and experienced teachers leads to greater progress and the achievement of goals.

In addition to the existing benefits of free holiday program[s], makeup lessons, and regular progress updates, customers now have the added advantage of being able to swim in a safe and familiar environment outside of their scheduled lessons.

By providing access to City Aquatic sites, Rackley Swimming aims to create a holistic swimming experience for customers. This approach not only enhances the overall value of their swimming lessons but also promotes water safety, skill development, and enjoyment of swimming as a recreational activity.

Student Eligibility and Access:

  • *Students who hold a current Swim Starter or higher membership, entailing a minimum of two lessons per week, will enjoy complimentary access to any City Aquatic Centre for swimming purposes.

  • *Family members, carers, or guardians who are not enrolled in a minimum of twolessons per week must pay the general entry fee to gain access.

  • *Please note that this access privilege does not extend to water parks, health clubs, group fitness facilities, or independent Rackley Swimming venues. It is a swim only access.

  • *Free swim access will cease when enrollment drops below two lessons per week, customers cancel completely, or when enrolments are on hold/suspension. 

  • *To gain entry, all students must scan their membership cards upon arrival. Access cannot be shared with others.

  • *Any additional services or facilities not covered by the complimentary access will incur separate charges as per the standard pricing policy.

  • *Purchase of visit passes, past general entries, memberships are not refundable upon gaining eligibility to reciprocal access.  

  • *All visitors, including students and accompanying family members/carers/guardians, must adhere to the general conditions of entry as outlined by the City Aquatic Venues.

  • *Any breach of the conditions of entry may result in access being denied or revoked.


Unlimited make-ups are available for all students whose attendance is cancelled prior to the start of their class. Make-ups may be accrued but must be redeemed within a 3 month (90 day) time period. To qualify for a make-up class, your students attendance must be cancelled through your Parent Portal prior to the start of the class. To redeem a make-up class you may self-book through our online Parent Portal, within the allocated time period (90 days from the missed class). Make-ups cannot be booked more than 7 days in advance. Any accrued make-ups will be forfeited if not used prior to cancelling your students booking(s). Make-up classes are NOT transferable to other students or families. Missed classes and/or missed make ups cannot be refundable for cash or credit unless a medical certificate is provided for the missed dates.

If you do not cancel your student’s attendance prior to missing their class, no make-up will be available. It is strongly recommended that you manage your own attendance and make-up bookings via the Parent Portal. 

Make-ups are not able to be rebooked; thus missed make-up classes will be forfeited.

In the event of Rackley Swimming ceasing classes due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, then make-ups or class credits will be provided. 


Rackley Swimming encourages contactless payment regimes. Any initial pro-rata payments for classes must be made prior to, or at the start of your first perpetually booked class. All future class payments will be processed via direct debit from your credit card or bank account. Fortnightly debit dates are highlighted on our ‘Rackley Swimming Calendar’ available at reception. Class fees will not be charged for scheduled public holidays, and for annual Christmas break closure. A $5.00 rejection fee may accrue if a direct debit is not successful. Each fortnight debit will accrue a 39 cent secure debit fee. Credit Card surcharges are applicable to accounts that provide credit cards as their payment method of choice, to avoid this charge we recommend using bank details for your ongoing direct debits.


Your child’s booking(s) is ongoing until you notify us that you wish to cancel. To cancel, a completed ‘Cancellation Form’ must be submitted via the Customer Access section of the Rackley Swimming website. We require a minimum of two lessons [per booking] to be swam out after your cancellation form has been submitted. This may result in a partial or full fortnight debit before your enrolment ceases.

For example, if on a Tuesday you wish to cancel a Thursday class, you will be required to attend the Thursday this week, with the following Thursday being your last class. A confirmation email will be returned confirming your cancellation request has been submitted.

Non-attendance is not a reason for the direct debit to cease, as it is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your student’s enrolment(s). Any fees charged due to not actioning a cancellation are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Upon a class booking being cancelled, all make-up classes associated with that class will no longer be available to be redeemed.

Class Hold Request

Rackley Swimming offers every student up to 4 weeks of class hold, free of charge, every 12 months from the start of your enrolment. This free class hold is ideal for holiday periods, or if you know in advance your student will be away for an extended period, e.g. operation with recovery period, where make-up classes are difficult. 

Once a ‘Class Hold’ is in place - make-up classes cannot be used during this period. These 4 weeks can be used all at once or divided into a maximum of two separate requests. 

To place your class(es) on hold visit our website and submit a Class Hold Request form via the Customer Access section of the Rackley Swimming website. This form must be submitted no later than the Monday prior to the next Direct Debit. Any late request will result in a charge in which you may access make up classes for your planned absences.

If your absence is longer than four weeks, we recommend you also book make-up classes to cover any difference or cancel your enrolment and rebook when it’s suitable for you to restart. 


At Rackley Swimming we celebrate small and big achievements throughout your child's swim journey. And we understand that part of celebrating is sharing photos and videos of those proud moments with family and friends. 

To protect your children and to respect the privacy of all our customers, please ensure photography;  including that from mobile phones, laptops or any other image capturing device; is focussed on your child/children only. No other children should be identifiable in the photograph (including in the background) without the express permission of the guardian[s] of that child/children. 


Occasionally Rackley Swimming may photograph/video children during swimming classes and training sessions for training or marketing purposes. However, we will always advise you in advance of when our sessions are taking place. You can request to abstain from photos/videos by talking to any member of staff. These images may be used for promotional purposes for City Venue Management (which includes Rackley Swimming, City Health Clubs, City Sport, City Aquatics). This use may include, but is not limited to, signage, brochures, news articles, social media posts, video compilations, and advertisements. Names will not be used in any such promotions, unless with the written permission by the subject or, in the case of a child, by the Parent/Guardian.

We take the safety and privacy of our patrons very seriously. We have zero-tolerance for covertly obtained photos/videos, photos/videos which are deemed indecent, and the gross-misuse of photos/videos. This type of conduct may be punishable by law. Photos/videos/video calling are not permitted in areas where privacy is presumed such as change rooms, change table areas, toilets, and shower areas. 

Children Under 3

To ensure that our water quality is maintained to the highest standard, we ask that ALL children under the age of 3 years wear a swimming nappy, these can be purchased at reception.


To aid with the health and safety of all patrons, and to ensure our water quality is maintained to the highest standard, we ask that all children with long hair wear a swim cap. Goggles are also strongly recommended, especially for those children who experience difficulty putting their eyes in the water. Caps and goggles are available for purchase at our swim shop. For health reasons we are unable to provide ‘loan’ goggles or equipment

Child Safety

All students under the age of 10 years must be supervised during their class, and whilst within the facility. All children 5 years and under must be closely supervised at all times when in attendance and remain within arms-reach of a carer when in the water outside of a class. All children not involved in classes must not disrupt or disturb other patrons or classes. All equipment and facilities are used at your own risk. No children are to enter class teaching areas, whether being used or not, prior to or after their class. Any public play areas will be communicated via relevant signage if available.

Student Cards

All students will be issued with a swipe card for contactless entry to our centres. These cards MUST be swiped upon entry at EVERY swimming class to ensure we are able to register who has visited our venue, as well as ensuring an accurate log of your family’s attendance on our systems.

Public Holidays

Classes that fall on nationally recognised public holidays i.e. Australia Day, Anzac Day, Easter and the extended Christmas break period, will not be charged as we do not operate on these days. Your direct debit will automatically exclude our closure days from your fees.

Other public holidays that we operate will be charged as normal. Please refer to your 2021 Swimming Calendar for our learn-to-swim scheduled breaks.  If you are unable to make these classes, normal make-up policy rules apply.

Class Booking

We will reserve your preferred class day(s) and time(s) on an ongoing basis until you notify us that you wish to cancel. For details on how to action a class cancellation please refer to the 'Cancellations' section below.


Fees are calculated two weeks ahead based on the number of classes available during the debit period.

Thanks for visiting Rackley Swimming