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Squads at Rackley Swimming

Swim Coaching Program 

For many of our students, lessons don’t end once they finish our Learn to Swim program. Many go on to join our Swim Coaching Program, where our world-class coaches develop into strong swimmers. Some students have even been called up to the official Australian Olympics team. 

Whether it’s for a race, fitness or just having fun with friends, our Swim Coaching Program gives young people the chance to get the most out of this rewarding activity. From Junior through to Gold, each squad is taught by highly qualified, experienced coaches who can help your child reach their true swimming potential. 

We even help older kids develop stronger swimming skills with our adult swim program, SwimFit+. You can learn more about our SwimFit+ here. 


Click links below for information on the Squads at these locations

Rackley Squad Swimming is proud to support and partner with our pool swim clubs. Club swimming is a great way for swimmers to put training into practice and compete at Swim Meets locally, regionally and nationally. For more information on the Swim club associated with your training pool, click on their logo below. (Rackley Swim team is our Brisbane Club for all Rackley pools in Brisbane.)  

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