Swim Squad: Level Up Your Skills

Swim Squad: Level Up Your Skills


Swim Squads at Rackley Swimming

Swim Coaching Program 

For many of our students, swimming lessons don’t end once they finish our Learn to Swim program. Many go on to join our Swim Squad Coaching Program, where our world-class quality coaching team helps them to perfect their swimming. Some of our Rackley Swim Team have even been called up to the official Australian Olympics team.

Whether it’s for a race, fitness or just having fun with friends, our Swim Coaching Program gives swimmers the chance to get the most out of this rewarding activity. We provide swimming squad training for both children and adult swimmers, offering specialised adult swimming lessons to ensure that individuals of all ages can enhance their skills and confidence in the water.


Rackley squad programs cater for children's swim squads to help them develop fundamental swimming skills. From Junior through to Gold, each swim squad is taught by highly qualified, experienced coaches who can help you or your child reach their true swimming potential. Our junior squad's focus is to help swimmers develop skills, swimming technique and fitness.

Our adult swim squad and Performance Squads Program focuses on helping adults to improve their swimming technique for major competition, advanced drills, ocean swimming, or just for building your fitness level. You will be taught by experienced Rackley coaches and be a part of performance focused squads that can help you achieve your swimming goal.

To find out more about the swim squad and to book your free squad assessment for the Rackley swim team, click the button above!

What is a Swim Squad?

For both younger swimmers and adults, squad swim lessons are designed to help competitive swimmers build strength, racing skills, develop lifelong skills, refine stroke technique, and gain greater proficiency in the water.

A swim squad entails more advanced drills and more rigorous training sessions than a normal Learn to Swim lesson. Squad members learn training techniques for more aerobic endurance in an optimal learning environment so they can progress onto national competitions (and have some fun in the water too).

Why do squad swimming?

Joining a swim squad is a great way to improve on your current skills and help you reach your potential. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Advancing your swimming skills
  • Learning discipline
  • Becoming part of a team
  • Creating lifelong friendships
  • Improving your fitness
  • Improving your mental health
  • Reaching your goals
  • And not to mention, having a lot of fun

Take Your Squad Game to the Next Level

From new swimmers to competitive swimmers, training sessions can help you find the right group or class at Rackley Swimming. We can provide swimmers with the right training to help you improve your skills.

If you want to improve your strokes and gain greater competitive swimming skills for a swim squad, enquire today, or click the links below for locations.

Rackley Squad Swimming is proud to support and partner with our pool swim clubs. Club swimming is a great way for swimmers to put training into practice and compete at Swim Meets locally, regionally and nationally. For more information on the Swim club associated with your training pool, click on their logo below. (Rackley Swim team is our Brisbane Club for all Rackley pools in Brisbane.)  

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What is the age limit for joining a swim squad?

Our Swim Squads are targeted to teenagers and adults who know how to swim and are looking to improve their skills with the assistance of a highly qualified instructor.

What are the benefits of joining a swim squad?

Not only will you improve your swimming skills, and train for competitions, but you will also have fun and make some friends!

What type of equipment do I need for squad swimming?

It’s important to have a comfortable swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap.

Can I join a swim squad if I am not a competitive swimmer?

Yes, our Swim Squads aren’t only for training for competitive races, there are also a great way to stay fit and have some fun.

What is the commitment required to join a swim squad?

Once you have completed your Squad Assessment and joined our Rackley family, you can attend as many squad sessions across the timetable as you prefer.

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