Free Swimming Lessons for Children

Free Swimming Lessons for Children



New to Rackley Swimming? Come & try with our free swimming lessons for children!!

Booking your first free swimming lesson is as easy as finding your closest Rackley Swimming centre. Book in a time and date that suits you and turn up for a swim! This free swimming session will allow our swim teachers to assess your child's swimming skills so we can place your child in the best swimming program for their development level. Finding the best swim program to suit your child's abilities is important when they learn to swim.

During your first lesson with our swim school, families will also be welcomed to tour the centre and gain a feel for our swim programs and friendly teachers, while discussing class options and booking availability.

Come and visit us today at your local Rackley Swimming venue to find out more or secure your free swimming lessons for children today — click the button below!

Swimming Lessons for Babies

Our Baby Splash Classes are suited for babies from the age of 3- 6 months old. When you introduce water safety to your child from a young age, you can help develop more confidence around water. We implement proven early-learning techniques by using songs and play time to help your baby feel safer in the water. Our Baby Splash program is completely free for your babies and their carers or parents. Book your free lessons today.

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Rackley Swimming toddler swimming lessons are free to come and try for children aged 6 months to 3 years old. Your child can start to learn to swim in a fun environment to help them learn key water safety skills. Our swim school allows your little ones to socialise and gain lifelong skills. Look for one of our many locations and book your toddler in for their first learn to swim lesson today.

Swimming Lessons for Kids

For kids aged 3 years and up, we have a range of swimming lessons for kids based on swimming ability. Whether your child is looking to learn to swim or improve on their basic swimming skills, we can find the right class to suit them. All you need to do is book your free Swim Safety Check and we will assess your child's swimming skills. As your child progresses in their swimming ability, they can move up through our classes and learn new skills. Book in your child's first swimming lesson today.


While we offer a broad range of packages for our existing families, we also provide free swimming lessons for newborns and a free swim assessment for new swimmers.

Baby Splash PROGRAM

(3mths - 6mths)

Our popular Baby Splash classes are a wonderful way for newborns (and their carers) to discover the enriching world of swimming — for free!

Come & Try

(Little ones 6mths - 3yrs)

This 30-minute session (with other new learners) helps us assess your child’s swim confidence while determining the most suitable class for them. 

Swim Safety Check

(Bigger kids 3yrs +)

This 15-minute, one-on-one safety check allows us to assess your child’s swim skills and make sure they’re placed in the correct starting level.  

Our 5 Steps to Success

5 steps learn to swim



When can babies start swimming lessons?

Our Baby Splash classes are suited to babies aged 3-5 months old.

How many swimming lessons does a child need?

One lesson per week is an ideal schedule for many children to learn how to swim. The length of lessons will depend on the skills of the child, but an average timeframe for children to grasp the skill of swimming is around one year, or 52 lessons.

How often are the free swimming lessons held?

We offer free swimming lessons for babies aged 3-5 months and toddlers 6 months to 3 years. To see when you can schedule your first lesson, you can book now by clicking on the button at the top of the dashboard.

How do I know if my baby is ready for swimming lessons?

If your baby is aged between 3-5 months, you can enrol in our Baby Splash classes. These lessons help ease your baby into feeling comfortable in the water. Baby swimming classes also help promote strength and help improve sleeping patterns. If your baby loves the water, you can begin Baby Splash classes today.

What kind of equipment is needed for swimming lessons for kids?

All you need to bring to your kid’s swimming lessons is a swimsuit, goggles and swim cap if you prefer, a swim diaper for children who aren’t potty trained, a towel, and snacks (Kids always get hungry after a dip in the pool).

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