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If your child is looking to learn to swim, Rackley Swimming has a fully enclosed swimming school in North Lakes. Click on the location link below to be directed to more information about your local Rackley swimming lessons.

What age should you start swimming lessons in Australia?

Studies show that by age 4, most children will have developed motor skills so they can float, tread water and learn basic survival skills. Water confidence is an important first step in learning to swim that can start from as early as 3 months old. Without early-age exposure to water settings, children can become fearful of the water or lack the confidence to put their skills into action when they're ready for swimming lessons.

Regular visits to the pool create a sense of normalcy that inspires confidence in children who are learning to swim. That's why we recommend that babies between the age of 2-6 months start swim school so that they can learn vital water safety skills from a young age.

We have a wide range of classes for every level of skill, starting with Baby Splash swimming classes for your little ones, to help them become accustomed to the water and build confidence (not to mention have fun). For the older kids and adults, we also offer adult swimming lessons and swim squads for more advanced skill levels.

How do I choose a swim school?

In Australia, learning to swim is vital. That's why Rackley Swimming offers a wide range of swimming classes for all ages. In any swim school you should look out for a few key things:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Great facilities
  • Qualified swim teachers
  • Availability
  • and happy customers

At Rackley Swimming, we tick all the right boxes. We have swimming lessons to suit the whole family. We have year-round classes and heated pools for our learn to swim classes for your comfort.

Your first swimming lesson is FREE

For your first swimming experience with Rackley Swimming, we offer a free welcome session for your kids. Come and try us with free swimming lessons so you can test the water before you sign up for ongoing lessons. Don't know what class will best suit your children? In this first lesson we determine what level of swimming ability your child has so we can place them in the right Learn to Swim program. If you have more than one child, we also offer family discounts! Select from one of our multiple locations to find the Rackley Swimming centre closest to you. We'll see all you swimmers in the pool!

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