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Baby Splash

Baby Splash classes aim to familiarise your little one with the water for the first time while being involved in a fun and social environment. This program has been specifically designed to highlight the many benefits of spending time in the water with your baby, and will arm you with the knowledge and resources to better understand the early stages of baby swimming. Even better - these classes are free for bubs (and their carers) from 2-6 months old.

During the early stages of learning children respond to colour, play, song and repetition. Repetition is vital in the learning process, with each child given the opportunity to practice each activity at their own pace. Our teachers will carefully guide you through each activity to ensure you and your child are gaining confidence and comfort levels.

The duration of your Baby Splash class will initially be determined by your baby’s age. We recommend that younger babies commence with around 20 minutes of in-water time, as they get older and are able to practice more activities, this is slowly extended. The class sizes are small, and are held in our heated learn to swim pools. 

The end result will see you fully equipped with the skills and confidence to further develop your baby’s swimming skills in our Discovery Program levels, and have you feeling proud and confident of you and your child’s progress. 

Contact us using the form below to find out about the times and days we run Baby Splash at your local swim centre. Introduce your bub to the wonder of water - why not bring a friend down and join in the fun today!

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