Toddler Swimming Lessons (6 mths - 3 yrs)

Toddler Swimming Lessons (6 mths - 3 yrs)



At Rackley Swimming we take care to create a safer environment for your children to learn to swim and have fun! Our toddler swimming lessons are for children aged 6 months to 3 years old.

Our swimming program is designed to get your toddler used to the water and begin to build confidence. Not only do swim classes teach water safety skills, but they also teach all-important out of water skills such as determination and socialisation.

For your free Come and Try swimming lesson, click the button below and book in your first swim class.

Is Swimming Good for Toddlers?

Enrolling your child in toddler swimming classes is a great opportunity to teach your toddler essential water safety skills and build strength through regular exercise. Regular swimming classes can improve cardiovascular health and build muscle strength for your little one. When your toddler learns to swim from a young age, they also boost hand eye coordination and help with early development.

The earlier your child learns to swim, the sooner they will develop confidence through our proven early learning techniques. Most importantly, when your toddler attends our swim program they can learn water safety skills. Teaching safety skills from an early age can make all the difference for your child's safety around water.   

Our Come & Try Swim Lessons Gallery

What Makes Rackley Swimming Different?

Rackley Swimming lessons are unique because of our passion for teaching. Rackley Swimming allows your little ones to learn to swim at their own pace in manageable small classes. We aim to help improve confidence through our swimming programs so everyone can learn to swim in a safer and fun environment.

If you have other children, we also have Swimming lessons for babies aged 3 - 6 months and Swimming lessons for kids aged 3 years and up. Our swim school allows you to have quality time with your children while they learn the fundamentals of swimming. Book your first lesson today and you can tour our facilities, meet our qualified staff, and learn more about our learn to swim programs.

What are the benefits of swimming lessons for toddlers?

Swimming lessons for toddlers help improve balance, coordination, muscle development, boost cognitive growth, and build confidence in the water.

What types of swimming lessons are available for toddlers?

For children ages 3-5 months we have Baby Splash classes, for children ages 6-11 months we have our Come and Try classes, and for children aged 1-2 we have classes suitable for toddlers. You can easily select the class best suited to your child by clicking ‘book now’.

How do I know if a swimming lesson is suitable for my toddler?

We range our classes based on skill level and age groups. If your little one is aged between 6 months and 3 years, we can help you find the right class for your child. Contact us to discuss any questions you may have, or book in your first class today!

What should I bring to the lesson for toddlers?

It’s important to bring a swimsuit, swim nappy for children who aren't potty trained, towel, goggles, dry clothes to change into, and a snack for afterwards!

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