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Swim to Win! Swimming Passport

Launch date: Monday 2 May 2022 

Completion date: Wednesday 31 August 2022

Grab your Rackley Passport from Tuesday 2 May and start collecting your attendance stickers each week from May - August. 

The competition will end on the 31 of August. Submit your passport entry form no later than Sunday 11 September. The winners for all prizes will be announced on Monday 12 September. Winners will be notified via email or text message, and will also be announced via social media channels and via the Rackley Swimming website.

*If you join Rackley Swimming any time in May you can still swim to win! In fact we will catch you up so you don't miss out on any prizes!


How does the campaign work? 

Tell your team at your local Rackley Swimming that you’d like to participate in the passport challenge. They will supply each child/student with their very own Rackley Passport. 

Each week bring your passport along to your lesson and upon check-in present your passport to our team and we will issue you the sticker for that week. Collect all 4 stickers for the month to claim the monthly advertised prize! Our team just needs to initial the page to confirm attendance for the month! 

At the end of the competition, student passports with all 16 stickers and staff initials each month are eligible to enter the grand prize and the second prize draw! Just fill in the form located at the back of the passport and hand it over to a team member. 

Winners will be announced by mobile, email and online via social media and the rackleyswimming.com website. 

How do you get a passport? Passports will be available at all Rackley Swimming centres from 2 May. Just ask your team at reception! Even our SPLASH families can swim to win!

What if I'm new to Rackley Swimming? Firstly, Welcome to the family! And don't worry if you join in May and you can still play! Our team will help catch you up so you're still eligible for the grand and second prize draws! 

What if I forgot to grab my passport or lost it along the way? That's ok too! Stickers can be backdated for existing swimmers once attendance has been confirmed by reception. 

What happens if I’m starting after May? Passports can be distributed at any point in the campaign allowing you access to our monthly offers / rewards, but will exclude you from the grand and second prize draws.

What happens if I'm sick or miss a week? Be sure to cancel your attendance via your online Parent Portal and book your makeup. Your make-up lesson needs to be booked and swum out before the end of the campaign to allow our team to backdate the sticker for the week you missed. This will keep you in the draw for the grand and second prize. 

What happens if my class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances? If we have had to cancel your class we will issue you the sticker for the missed week upon your next class. 

What are the rewards promotions each month? 

Each month has a different reward / offer! There will be two offers, one for the parent and one for your child/student. These are advertised in your passport for you!

What are the end of promotion prize draws?

We’re pretty excited to announce that the Grand Prize draw is a $3000 travel voucher from Flight Centre! And better yet! We have 3 of these to give away! 

The Second Prize draw is 4 months [16 weeks] of free swimming lessons! We will supply your family account with 16 weeks [1 lesson per week rate] of family credit which can be shared across multiple students/lessons within your immediate family. We will have a winner for each site! That’s 25 families getting 16 weeks of free swimming! 

How will the end of competition prize draws be done?

After you've received all 16 stickers and our team has an initial each month, fill in the entry form on the back of your passport and hand this to our team. Our team will be entering your form into our database which will then be added to a program which will randomly draw a winner for each prize. 3 Grand Prize Winners, 24 Second Prize winners. The competition ends on August 31st but we’ll give you until 11 September to hand over your entry form! No late entries will be accepted.

On Monday 12 September we will announce all winners via email, text, Facebook and at www.rackleyswimming.com.au. So be sure to give correct contact information!

What happens if I don't redeem my prize?

If our winners are not reachable to redeem their prize within 7 days from first being contacted we will re-draw and announce via the same mediums. 

T&C’s $3000 Flight Centre Voucher:

Our 3 lucky winners who received the $3000 travel vouchers from Flight Centre must use the prize within 12 months. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash and is not transferable. The voucher can be redeemed online or at any Flight Centre travel agency. 

T&C’s Four Months Free Swimming: 

24 lucky families will win 4 months [up to 16 weeks] of free swimming lessons. The total prize value is calculated based on your Rackley centre’s 1 lesson per week rate x 16 weeks and will be entered into credit on your family account.

 The credit can be used toward multiple lessons and/or multiple students in your family. 

*Credit will be used faster if applied to more than one student or lesson per week as the prize is a set monetary credit applied to a family account. 

Credit cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be transferred to another family account. 

Credit must be used toward swimming lessons no later than 31st August 2023, any remaining credit will be forfeited after this date.

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Easter 2022 Colouring-in Competition

Competition is open to current students of Rackley Swimming and their family and friends.

- Entries Open 00:01 01/04/2022 and final entries close on 11:59 24/04/2022.

- Conditions of entry: Entrants must fill out the colouring-in sheet and hand it in to their local Rackley Swimming centre.

- This is a competition of skill and/or creativity. The winner will be selected from the entries by the team at your local Rackley Swimming location. 

- Prize is 4 weeks of swimming lessons, up to 2 lessons per week for the winning student.

- Winner will be chosen by 30 April 2022.

- Winner will be contacted by the mobile number listed on the colouring-in sheet.

- If the winner is not reachable to redeem their prize within 1 week (7days) from first being contacted the prize will be offered to a runner up.

"The Gift of Swimming" promotion

Congratulations on being gifted $100 credit towards swimming lessons or squad sessions, helping kick start your family’s journey towards swim safety and fitness. 

Here’s what you need to know:

This credit can be redeemed at any Rackley Swimming facility excluding Canungra and Mount Tambourine between 19th November 2021 and 31st March 2022.

This credit is only valid for new (not currently active) memberships. Customers who are enrolled at Rackley Swimming at the date 19th November 2021 are not eligible for the credit.

Your $100 credit can be applied towards an ongoing learn to swim or squad booking. 

The full $100 credit will be applied at the time of your initial class booking. Credit cannot be used towards casual bookings or holiday swim programs. 

This credit cannot be redeemed or refunded for cash.

One ‘Gift of Swimming’ card can be used per student. You can use more than one per family and they may be used for siblings of currently enrolled students. 

Your ‘Gift of Swimming’ card must be shown at reception when enrolling in lessons to be redeemed.

New bookings are subject to all standard Learn to Swim and/or Squad policies. These policies can be found on our website and in your lesson agreement. Customers can cancel their lessons at any time, but our standard cancellation policy and notice periods apply. Our standard make-up policy applies. 

  • How to book:
    • Scan the QR code on your ‘Gift of Swimming’ card or tap here, find your closest centre and book a free swim assessment session.

      • On completion of your free assessment, bring this card to reception to book your regular lesson time and we will apply the credit to your ongoing lessons.

Pick up a card and pass on the gift of swimming to your loved ones! 

Contact us for more information.

We can’t wait to see you in the pool!

Thanks for visiting Rackley Swimming